Vendor Rules

Newport Farmers Market Rules & Agreements


The primary mission of the Newport Farmers’ Market is to support local agriculture by providing a venue for locally grown foods and farm products. In accordance with the LCSFA Articles of Incorporation and By­laws, first consideration for new vendor applications will be given to agricultural vendors within Lincoln County. Within the market, efforts will be made to give priority to those agricultural vendors when considering site assignments and number of spaces allowed while still following the winter vendor’s attendance record system in regard to returning vendors.

1. Vendors must apply annually and their products must be approved before they become LCSFA members. All applications will be reviewed by a jury committee and vendors will be notified in a timely manner as to acceptance or rejection of application. Submitting an application does not guarantee selling rights or a market space.

2. All new vendors, along with current members with new products, must submit photographs or samples of their products.

3. LCSFA reserves the right to prohibit anyone from selling any product or produce. The Market Manager may, at any time, request to conduct a farm, kitchen, studio or business inspection. Failure to comply can be cause for termination from the Market.

4. The annual membership fee is $25.00. NEW VENDORS: the membership fee is due at the first market attended. RETURNING INDOOR VENDORS: If you paid during the 2013 indoor market season your membership is due with your application. SUMMER VENDORS: If you paid your membership for summer market 2014, you do not owe your dues until 1 year from the time you paid. Market membership guarantees voting rights and representation on or with the Board of Directors.

5. In addition to the annual fee, each member must pay a daily fee for each day of the market. The weekly vendor fee is $20 for a 10×10 space (tokens can not be used as payment for your booth fee)

Space Assignment and Market Logistics

6. Spaces will be assigned by the Market Manager. LCSFA retains the right to reassign vendor space at any time (if deemed necessary for the overall good of the Market). All booths are approximately 10 x 10. If your display requires a larger space, please make that note on your application. We will do our best to accommodate display needs. However, there can be nothing within a booth to impede visibility across the middle of the market space. If you require merchandising walls or some other structure within your booth that is higher than 5 feet, you must supply that information on your application, consideration for wall spaces will be given to those applicants. No canopy frames may be used.

7. Spaces are assigned by seniority. However, the overall management of the market will guide decisions with regard to space assignment and may supersede the seniority of an individual vendor in particular circumstances. The Market Manager will make every effort to accommodate vendors with disabilities.

8. Should a member be expelled or suspended from the market, and membership in the corporation be terminated or suspended, seniority points may not be retained even if the member reapplies and is accepted back into the corporation and market at a future date. Member will be treated as a new vendor.

9.) Positively NO:

➔ SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED within fairgrounds exhibition hall/within 20 feet of any entrance

➔ No space heaters

➔ No alcoholic beverages

➔ No pets, with the exception of a seeing eye dogs

10. All vendors must comply with federal, state, county and local rules and regulations related to the production and sale of their products. This includes, but is not limited to, compliance with (1) federal, state and local health licensing requirements, (2) the Farmers Market Guidelines prepared by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, and (3) standards governing labeling, packaging, display and weight, including scale certification with the Oregon Department of Agriculture Measurement Standards. Failure to conform to such rules and regulations may be grounds for removal from the Market and forfeiture of fees. Copies of all licenses, permits and certifications must be included with the Vendor Application. Licensing requirements change from year to year. It is the vendor’s responsibility to check with the appropriate licensing authorities.

11. Vendors are solely responsible for product liability. Food and agricultural vendors must carry general and product liability insurance. LCSFA is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by vendors.

12. Vendors are expected to behave courteously to customers, other vendors, market staff and volunteers and conduct themselves professionally at all times. Vendors may not publicly disparage other vendors, employees, volunteers, products or the market. There are Concern Forms and Product Challenge Policies in place for use by all members.

13. All vendors must stay until the close of the Market at 2:00pm. A “Sold Out” sign may be placed in your booth if you do sell out, tables, etc. must remain in place. 14. At the end of the day leave your area clean. Please take any trash out with you. Sweep w/ broom and pan.

15. Vendors may not block fire lanes.

16. Vendors must notify the Market Manager by 12:00pm (noon) on the Friday prior to the Market opening if they will not be attending the Market.

● Cancellations due to emergencies will be considered an exception to this rule. Please call 541­961­8236 and notify the Market Manager before 7:30am on Market day.

● Failure to notify the Market Manager will result in the vendor being charged for that day the following week. The vendor will not be allowed to set up until the fine is paid.

17. The Market Manager has authority to enforce all rules. Should a vendor fail to abide by LCSFA rules, the following consequences may occur: ● A major violation, such as committing an unlawful or violent act or physical or verbal abuse, will result in the immediate termination of Market participation. Minor violations will result in the following series of actions: ­­ First violation: written warning ­­ Second violation: written warning ­­ Third violation: immediate temporary or full­season suspension of market participation. There will be no reimbursement of vendor fees.